Print Design

Island Wraps: Brand Identity, Event Signage, Menu Design, Merchandising, and More to Come. Summer 2014

Wedding Programs, Digital Illustration, Branding, & Hand Crafted, 2014

Editorial Design Featuring Information Design on Do-It-Yourself Lemon Beverages, April 2009

Neue ShowUsYourType Poster Design: Kingston, Jamaica, January 2011

Editorial Design: "Romantic Foundation" Written and Designed By Dominique Simmonds Illustrated By Justyn Innucci, March 2011

Editorial Design/Typography: "When Love Wastes Away" Written and Designed By Dominique Simmonds Illustrated By Arthur Wang, March 2011

Editorial Design/Typography: Spread 1 Illustrated By Shin Wakabayshi, April 2011

Starry Nights: Design Edition 18x24 Poster Designed for the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Design, January 2009


Information Design as an Editorial Piece. A spread giving an individual “how to” steps for the use of lemons in a quenching beverage.


Digital Illustration, Editorial, Print Design